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Tuscany Collection

Made From Post-Consumer Milk Jugs and Ipe Trim


Tuscany Collection

Made From Post-Consumer Milk Jugs with Ipe Trim

Why Tuscany

Ideal for indoor use, the Tuscany collection features Max-R’s signature post and panel design. This collection of waste and recycling bins is distinctly known for its use of our Max-R Lumber™ coupled with an Ipe Hardwood trim.

* bin shown with options
Make It Pop With Color

max-r lumber™ swatches

Mix and match panel, and top colors to create a unique solution.

Looking For A Specific Color?

Let us know, we can help find what you’re looking for, but a minimum purchase may apply.

Tuscany Customization

Featured Options

Branding & unique visual options

Accessory & specialty Options

Tuscany Configurations

After considering your color combinations, stream diversion, and branding, configure your bin for each locations’ specific requirements. Top or front load, gallon capacity, the number of streams, and top style can all be customized to meet your functional needs. 

load options

Front or Top Load

Choose between Front or Top Load based on location or need for serviceability (i.e. high-traffic areas). Top Load is recommended for indoors only.

gallon Capacities

Up to 55 Gallons Per Rigid Liner

Choose between 12, 22, 26, 32, 38, 45, or 55 gallon bins in any combination. Mix and match for a Split Stream configuration (i.e. 32 gallon recycling, 32 gallon compost, and 22 gallon trash).

stream selection

22 Gallon Top Load
22 + 22 Gallon Top Load
22 + 22 + 22 Gallon Top Load
22 + 22 + 22 + 22 Gallon Top Load

Using our gallon capacities, configure your Tuscany bin in any combination from single, double, triple, or quad.  Mix and match for a Split Stream configuration (i.e. 32 gallon recycling, 32 gallon compost, and 22 gallon trash).

alternate configurations

Slim Stream
45 + 45 + 22 Gallon
Split Stream (SP2)
45 + (2) 22 Gallon

Roof + top Styles

Top Load Styles

Available in Flat or Vail.

Front Load Styles

Available in Flat, Vail, Reserve Vail, or Curved.

Specifications and dimensions vary from product to product due to customization. Contact us at  1 (855) 204-3560 to consult on your next sustainability project.

Tuscany Captured in the Wild

The Tuscany Collection is known for its combination of recycled plastic panels with ipe hardwood trim. Ideal for indoor use, a Tuscany waste and recycling station is perfectly designed for the office, classroom, auditorium, lobby or hallway. Explore the possibilities with these featured shots.

Ready for a Sustainability Renaissance with Tuscany?

Tired of so-called classic furnishings that are turning into an eyesore? We’re here to help. Tuscany Collection Bins are built for a more refined experience and can be customized to your exact needs and specifications. Reach out today for a quote of your own!

Contact or call us at 1 (855) 204-3560 to kick off your own sustainable site furnishing project.

Coordinate with Tuscany

specialty bins paired with site furnishings

Coordinate with Tuscany
Bins & Site Furnishings

Accentuate with Outdoor Furniture

Create safe open air spaces for dining, bistro, or lounge settings with furniture made from recycled plastic milk jugs.
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Let's Create Your Perfect Bin!

We value progress over perfection. Whether your needs warrant a small or big step, any step towards sustainability is a step in the right direction!

Call us 1 (855) 204-3560 to consult on your next sustainability project.

Tuscany Spec Sheet

innovat•R® specialty bins

Call (855) 204-3560 to speak with an sustainability expert for additional information to customize or coordinate your site furnishings.

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