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Student Move Out Day, Part 4

Student move out day is coming (sooner than you realize). When the students are moving out, where do you want them to put their unwanted stuff? How do they know where to go and where to throw away/recycle/re-purpose that stuff?

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Best Practices

Different Than Home

When you set up a recycling program, one struggle that you often encounter is that some people think they already know everything about recycling.

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Students Moving Out of College Dorms

Student Move Out Day, Part 3

“I can’t believe what those kids leave behind.” If you do enough end-of-the-year student move outs, you hear that statement a lot. If you’re making that statement to note the number of opportunities that there are to recover valuable materials, and how much of a shame it is to see that stuff end up in a landfill, then we’re on the same page.

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Low Emission Zone Sign
Recycling Process

The New Math, Part 5

A tremendous amount of the energy that we consume and greenhouse gasses that we emit worldwide comes from making “stuff.”

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Recycling Process

The New Math, Part 4

There is a new math of greenhouse gas accounting by which some people are viewing and evaluating everything. How do you use this math to show the impact of your recycling and sustainable materials management (SMM) efforts? And perhaps more importantly, how do you share that information with people not fully immersed in the climate change lexicon?

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Paper Stack
Recycling Process

The New Math, Part 3

I would argue that any climate action plan that omits stuff – the stuff we buy, the stuff we use, the stuff we throw away – is at best incomplete.

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CO2 Carbon Footprint
Recycling Process

The New Math, Part 2

Recycling, composting and reusing materials reduces or eliminates greenhouse gas emissions at various points in the manufacturing process.

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Tablet drawing of House
Recycling Process

The New Math, Part 1

Most metrics like WARM that address the lifecycle impacts of “stuff” do not include all of the ancillary impacts related to it.

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Waste Bins

Student Move Out Day, Part 2

There are over 1,500 4-year colleges and universities across the U.S. and almost all of them have some portion of their enrollment that lives on campus and has to move out at the end of the year. When those students move out, there is a huge surge of trash that goes along with it. At more residential schools, it is not uncommon to see trash totals nearly double the month that students move out.

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An Open Letter to Students During Move Out

This is an open letter to college students, their families, and their friends all across the country. Please forward this to anyone that you know who is moving out of a residence hall in the next few months or just as importantly anyone who is going to a college or university campus to help their child, sibling or friend move out

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