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Recycling Process

The New Math, Part 3

I would argue that any climate action plan that omits stuff – the stuff we buy, the stuff we use, the stuff we throw away – is at best incomplete.

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CO2 Carbon Footprint
Recycling Process

The New Math, Part 2

Recycling, composting and reusing materials reduces or eliminates greenhouse gas emissions at various points in the manufacturing process.

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Recycling Process

The New Math, Part 1

Most metrics like WARM that address the lifecycle impacts of “stuff” do not include all of the ancillary impacts related to it.

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Snow Globe

Measuring Net Improvements

We talk a lot in absolute terms: “zero waste,” “zero emissions.” But what do we really mean? Are we talking about net improvements, or are we merely transferring problems?

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Pre-Consumer Composting

There are many reasons why people decide to compost food waste. In some cases, you might be trying to proactively make your operation more sustainable. In other cases, you might only be trying to ward off a group of riled up activists who are approaching your office like villagers storming the gates of Frankenstein’s castle, pitchforks and torches in hand. Regardless of why you are composting food waste, when people think of food waste, they sometimes only think about post-consumer plate scrapings.

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Wheel of Paper
Best Practices

Embracing the Mundane

I want to change the world. It has been a rallying cry for folks entering the environmental field for a generation. As I near 25 years in this field, I realized something. That I have seen more programs fail, not because of a lack of big ideas, or great ideals, but because of mundane details.

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Bell Curve Graph
Best Practices

The Bell Curve, An Interlude

OK, so here’s the mea culpa where I realize that I have probably skipped a step during the time that I have been writing this blog. If you have never seen me speak publicly, there is a core tenet that I often talk about that I have found in my 20+ years of implementing recycling and materials sustainability programs. That is that there is a bell curve of participation.

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Plant Leaf

Beyond Sustainability, Part 2

How resilient is your campus? In part 1 of this post, I addressed some headwinds for the sustainability movement and suggested that resiliency may be a better alternative for many campuses.

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Colorful Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard Recycling & Student Move-In

Cardboard is coming. A lot of it. On campus terms, for many schools, you are looking at as much as an extra month’s worth of cardboard that arrives the first week when students move-in. So what do you do with it all?

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