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Process vs Recovery Part 2 – Organics

In part one of this post, I talked about the difference between treatment and recovery.  Treatments are processes applied to a material or combination of materials.  Recovery is the type, quality and quantity of commodities that are recovered from applying that process.  That is an important distinction, especially when you hear about various treatments for managing organics.  

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Recycling Process

Process vs Recovery Part 1 – Recycling

Recycling used to be simple.  It was a transaction between someone who had a waste and someone who wanted that waste to manufacture a new product.  Maybe there was a collector in between, but it was generally a pretty simple transaction.

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Parallel Access

In my experience one of the most successful tools to achieving your goals is a methodology called parallel access.

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School Student Gathering

Recycling Education in Residence Halls, Part 2

Whether you have dormitories, suites, houses, on-campus apartments, or even a yurt (all of which for simplicity’s sake I will collectively refer to as residence halls), those residence halls are home for any resident students that you have on campus for the 8+ months per year that they live on campus. That means that at some point you are going to need to do recycling education in the residence halls. The question is who delivers the message? Who prepares it?

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Education in Residence Halls, Part 1

There are two main components to residence hall recycling education: information (the what, when and where) and promotions (the why). I have written other posts about the informational facet, including location, images, and even using things like QR codes to convey information. And I have written previously about the why.

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Coin Stacking

Improve Cost Effectiveness of Your Recycling Program, Part 2

Rather than just looking for outside funding sources, have you looked to see whether there are ways to enhance the revenues that you receive for your recyclables to get you the extra funding that you need? What items on your wish list could you fund if you took advantage of those opportunities?

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