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Where are the Farmers?

If you want to tackle the issue of composting or food waste, reach out to farmers and include them in your discussions. You might be amazed at how much more successful your efforts are.

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Reducing Food Waste

Who or what are you feeding with your dining dollars? Perhaps focusing on the answer to that question will help you meet your foodservice sustainability goals.

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The Road to Achieving Zero Waste at your Next Event

Working towards and achieving a zero waste event may seem like a daunting task. Yes, it is not an easy feat to divert all of your waste away from landfill; however there are several common strategies to working towards a zero waste goal at your next event. It is necessary to remember it is the steps along your journey, not your end product that will make your goal have a lasting effect and a legacy for future generations.

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Know Your Campus, Part 2

For this part 2, I am focusing on some of the differences between public and private schools. Every school has a complicated mix of funding sources, a lot of which I am going to gloss over (consider this the intro 100-level version). For those of you who are recent students making the transition to coordinator or who are folks new to working with schools, I am hoping this overview helps.

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Best Practices

Different Than Home

When you set up a recycling program, one struggle that you often encounter is that some people think they already know everything about recycling.

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Sustainability Projects and Student Groups

As a staff member or administrator, working with student clubs and organizations can sometimes be both the most rewarding experience and sometimes the most frustrating. Don’t let this potentially great experience be doomed by false expectations.

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Best Practices

Helping Students Understand Staff

Every year, the Beloit Mindset List tries to help faculty and staff relate to the mindset of the incoming 1st year college class. As a faculty or staff member, this is a terrifying list, where you realize how old you are getting. But what about the reverse? How does an incoming class understand the 30-65 year old faculty and staff around them?

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Define the Scope

The scope of your project is main objective you are looking to solve for your space and your sustainability goals. Determine where Oxford receptacles need to be placed for optimal use.

The Future is Here: Is Your Facility Ready for Zero Waste Legislation? Spec Sheet

Call (855) 204-3560 to speak with an sustainability expert for additional information to customize or coordinate your site furnishings.

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