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The Max-R team is dedicated to not only delivering you the best waste & recycling bins and site furnishings available, our expert sales teams have in-depth industry knowledge based on years of experience in the markets we serve helping you identify the right bin for the right waste management application to ensure the success of your sustainability program.


Waste, Landfill, Disposables, Garbage

Whatever you call it, we have a solution for it. Whether your goal is to have your bins utilized to decrease litter or to increase diversion rates, we have a solution to meet your needs. Increase bin awareness by utilizing our two-tone color options or logo applications. Decrease contamination by employing restrictive openings and messaging options.

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Plastic, Glass, Bottles, Cans, Paper, E-Waste, Cardboard...
Whether you’re starting a new recycling program or have one established, Max-R has a solution to meet all of your needs. Max-R’s customized solutions allow you to tailor a bin to each area of your facility. Never miss an opportunity to enhance your recycling program because you didn’t have the necessary collection points.


Organics, Food Waste, Compostables

Compost collection not only enhances a sustainability program, it can also help mitigate the cost of wasted food and provide nourishment for an on-site garden. Whatever the reason for collection, a Max-R waste & recycling solution can be customized to incorporate compost as a collection stream and allow for ease of use on the end user.

As of September 2020, any California business that generates over two cubic yards of organic waste must set up clearly-labeled organic waste collection.


End-of-Use Electronics, Batteries, Printer Cartridges, E-Scrap
End-of-life electronics or scraps can cause a lot of damage to the environment. With mandated e-waste recycling in 25 states and counting, we make it easy to provide a central location for e-waste collection.

Liquid Disposal

Waste Stream Dedicated to Liquids
Add a stand-alone liquid disposal bin directly next to your existing waste and recycling unit, or customize your new recycle station to include a liquid capture stream. By providing a liquid disposal option directly next to your recycle stream provides ease of use to end-users, encouraging them to follow and support your recycling initiatives.

Centralized Recycling

Create efficiencies & reduce costs

A centralized waste & recycling system is an optimal way to reduce custodial stops and put the power of recycling into the hands of the user.

The key to a successful centralized system is a well placed, well labeled bin. If the centralized waste & recycling bin is not located in an area that staff frequent or is easily accessible, it will go unused or will not be used properly. When customizing your centralized waste & recycling bin, some elements to consider are:

A centralized bin should have a large enough gallon capacity to allow for collection of full individual bins. If the centralized bin fills up too fast the user will start to use the other less full streams and contaminate collection. Similarly, the waste streams provided in the centralized bin should allow for parallel access to each stream to allow for clean collection.

If your facility collects waste, bottles, and paper then all three collection points should be equally available for the individual users. If waste is provided in one area, but recycling is located elsewhere then the bins will be not be used properly and waste streams will be contaminated.

Clear labels, symbols, and easy to use openings are equally important to allow the user to easily and efficiently empty their individual bins into the proper waste stream.

When used properly, a centralized waste & recycling system can be an effective way eliminate unnecessary custodial stops and allow users to be invested in your waste & recycling program.

Zero Waste

divert waste & meet regulations

Customize a bin that works for your current program but can also adapt to future goals, regardless of the time it takes to get there.

A growing number of counties, cities, and states across the country have begun discussion zero waste legislation to radically reduce their waste haul practices and will even reject collections if streams get contaminated—is your facility ready? Let our Zero Waste TRUE Advisors work with you to develop solutions and plans unique to your program.

Whether you need to get ready for new organic waste ordinance for your state or just have to kick-start a zero waste timetable, we have the tools to help your company make it happen.

Recently, US Bank Stadium partnered with Max-R to overhaul their stadium-wide waste and recycling program by implementing interchangeable tops to reach their zero waste goals when they were ready to do so.

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The scope of your project is main objective you are looking to solve for your space and your sustainability goals. Determine where Oxford receptacles need to be placed for optimal use.

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