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As a new Prestwick Company, Sister Bay Furniture manufactures beautiful outdoor furniture that can transform underutilized spaces and drive new revenue. Best of all, every product is built to order using the highest quality of recycled plastic available — the same material we’ve been using on our site furnishings since 1997.

For outdoor applications, there’s simply nothing better than recycled plastic. Its durability and longevity will keep your furniture looking new for years to come. Invest in plastic and spend the time you’ll save on maintenance crafting memorable guest experiences.

Inviting Spaces Matter

With beautiful outdoor furniture from Sister Bay Furniture Co., we’re now equipped to help properties like yours transform underutilized spaces that can unlock new revenue opportunities. Curated designs that are inviting and consider the goals you have for the space can keep guests on your property longer and increase the likelihood of repeat visits in the future.

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Consultative Design

So much goes into the planning of your space. We want to hear about your goals and your challenges. A dedicated representative is with you every step of the way and will speak with you to get a true sense of how we can partner to create an unforgettable experience for your customers.

Tell us about your goals and needs; the space and your vision for it. Our design team can solve for your challenges with a 3D site plan that you’ll love.

Quality You Can See

Products such as our Milano Loveseat reveal a lot about our emphasis for product design to exceed basic “form and function.” Adhering to deliberate design-thinking makes our products better, stronger, and safer using innovative methods you likely won’t be able to notice – but they are there.


    Our line of commercial grade fabrics are chosen for performance in both durability and comfort.


    Our furniture is manufactured using the highest quality of recycled plastic available – the same material we’ve been using on our site furnishings since 1997.


    Our fasteners are made with 316 marine-grade stainless steel.


    Larger products use aluminum frames for improved structural integrity and durability. Frames are CNC machined, fully welded, and finished with exterior UV-grade powder coating.


    Visit the warranty page for restrictions and further information.

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Transform Underutilized Spaces

Let's work together and transform your space into an unforgettable experience.

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Define the Scope

The scope of your project is main objective you are looking to solve for your space and your sustainability goals. Determine where Oxford receptacles need to be placed for optimal use.

Outdoor Furniture Spec Sheet

Call (855) 204-3560 to speak with an sustainability expert for additional information to customize or coordinate your site furnishings.

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