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The Future is Here: Is Your Facility Ready for Zero Waste Legislation?

In the United States, Zero Waste Legislation for commercial facilities has been gaining momentum and it’s important to stay informed and prepared. While jurisdiction varies, states are beginning to implement statewide policies aimed at reducing waste and increasing recycling and composting in commercial facilities. California, for example, has implemented several programs and policies aimed at reducing waste, including mandatory commercial recycling and composting requirements with a goal of achieving zero waste. 

When it comes to reducing environmental impact, the Max-R team helps stadiums, arenas, ballparks, convention centers, parks, communities, businesses, and colleges/universities take the proper steps to reduce waste and increase recycling and composting. Listed below are six tips that every business trying to improve their sustainability efforts should be evaluating:

Mixed Recycling Interchangeable Top Blue
  • Implementing recycling and composting programs: Facilities should have clear and easily accessible recycling and composting stations for customers and employees to use.



  • Reducing single-use items: Single-use items, such as plastic straws, cups, and utensils, are a major contributor to waste and should be reduced or eliminated.
  • Offering reusable options: Facilities should offer reusable options, such as reusable cups and water bottles, to reduce waste and encourage sustainable behavior.
  • Educating customers and employees: Providing information and education about waste reduction, recycling, and composting can help facilitate behavior change and increase participation in these programs.
  • Working with waste haulers and processors: Businesses should work with their waste haulers and processors to ensure that recyclables and compostables are properly sorted and processed.
  • Monitoring and evaluation: Regularly monitor and evaluate the waste, recycling, and compost programs to identify areas for improvement and make changes as necessary.

In terms of future planning, it’s almost guaranteed that zero waste legislation will continue to become more stringent. Businesses will be expected to take additional steps to reduce waste and increase recycling and composting. The team at Max-R are experts in sustainability processes with multiple Zero Waste certified members on staff. We’re here to support your goals of reducing waste while offering best practices in recycling and composting. The following ideas can help you stay ahead of zero waste legislation.

An outside shot of aTriple Verde with Color Coordinated Panels in California showcasing the Compost Law
  • Waste and recycling bin placement: Ensure that waste, recycling, and compost bins are placed in easily accessible locations throughout the facility and are clearly labeled to minimize confusion and encourage proper use.
  • Use of multiple bins: Provide separate bins for different types of recyclables (sometimes called streams), such as paper, plastic, and glass, to ensure that recyclables are properly sorted and can be effectively processed.
  • Adequate bin size: Provide large enough bins to handle the amount of waste generated at the facility, and regularly empty them to minimize overflowing. Be mindful of ergonomics by trying to keep the bins easy to service. A best practice would be trying to do 38 + 18 + 18 gallon stream configurations. 
Terra Triple in Coastal Gray Wood Grain Paneling
Inside shot of a Triple Terra with Color Coordinated Panels and Header Board to show case the compost option for the California Law
  •  Proper signage: Clearly label bins with instructions for use and include information about what can and cannot be recycled or composted. Make sure the signage options are interchangeable to adapt to changing regulations and initiatives. Also consider interchangeable features such as top inserts that can be easily change with no tools needed

Max-R offers premium waste and recycling receptacles that can be customized by streams, bin size, colors and location as well as offering graphics and branding to match your facility. Our goal is to help facilities evaluate and improve their waste management practices and stay in sync with zero waste legislation.

As zero waste legislation continues to evolve, it’s important for commercial facilities to stay informed and proactive. By implementing best practices, businesses can effectively manage waste, increase recycling and composting, and prepare for zero waste legislation. Additionally, these practices can help reduce environmental impacts and increase sustainability efforts. Want to learn more? Talk to a True Zero Waste Advisor at Max-R today about how to prepare for zero waste legislation and maximize your sustainability efforts.

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