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Subaru Park and Philadelphia Union

 Our partnership with Subaru Park is rooted in our shared commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. By partnering with Subaru Park and supplying our customizable waste and recycling units, we helped them achieve their status at the first Zero-Landfill Major League Soccer Stadium. In order to obtain this status and continue to make strides in the world of sustainability, Subaru Park and Philadelphia Union took many steps to reach their incredible goal.


1. Zero-Landfill/Sustainability

Subaru Park successfully achieved its Zero-Landfill status through a series of sustainable initiatives. One of the key strategies implemented is the use of renewable energy from Green Mountain Energy. Additionally, the stadium has adopted a green cleaning service that is based on LEED standards, and includes using Green Seal-certified cleaning products, minimizing the use of harmful chemicals. 

Another environmentally conscious measure taken by Subaru Park is the utilization of the SEPTA shuttle, which offers a more sustainable alternative to car travel with a significantly lower carbon footprint.  

The stadium also implemented Max-R’s waste and recycling solutions, which efficiently streamlines waste, recycling and landfill disposal processes throughout the stadium. These combined efforts have not only contributed to Subaru Park’s Zero-Landfill status, but also demonstrate their commitment to environmental responsibility.



2. Future Proofing

A large concern for many stadiums, including Subaru park, was that their program needed to be able to withstand the test of time. Every year there are more and more initiatives and ways to become greener as a whole, and Max-R is no stranger to those initiatives. In order to make sure that Subaru Park would only need to invest in their waste management once, we created premium waste and recycling bins with interchangeable tops and forward-thinking designs, equipped for the addition of more streams and new graphics, for future updates without the need for a full product replacement.

3. Customization/Branding

To support the Zero-Landfill initiatives, clear and consistent graphics needed to play a key part in the design of Subaru Park’s recycle, compost and waste-to-energy bins. Our team was able to create several concepts for the Subaru Park and the Philadelphia Union team to review and approve. Clear graphics allow for less room for error when sorting and disposing of waste for fans and cleaning staff. Our ability to create custom waste and recycling units with custom logos, graphics and streams allows for additional sponsorship opportunities and potential new revenue streams for venues.



4. End of Life

From beginning to end, our bins are fully recyclable. Our bins, made of the purest grade recycled HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene), are designed to be easily recyclable at the end of their life cycle. HDPE is a highly recyclable material that can be processed and transformed into new products. Once the bins have served their purpose, they can be collected and sent to recycling facilities where they undergo a process to be repurposed. By recycling our bins, you contribute to the circular economy, reduce waste and minimize the need for virgin plastic production. It’s a sustainable solution that ensures our bins continue to have a positive environmental impact even after their initial use.


The need for sustainability practices is growing throughout the world. The future is here, and Subaru Park and Philadelphia Union have made immense strides to make sure that their impact is a positive one. Through all of their efforts and initiatives like streamlining their waste and recycling program with Max-R, using SEPTA for greener transportation and using companies like Green Mountain Energy as a renewable energy source, Subaru Park is paving the way for the future of stadiums and venues in the United States, and creating a  wonderful example of how to achieve these goals. 

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