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Our CITY and St. Louis CITY Soccer Club

Our journey with Our CITY  and St. Louis CITY Soccer Club began several years ago, with the connection between the former Stadium Consultant for the St. Louis Cardinals, and our team at Max-R. He had witnessed the success of our waste and recycling program that he had us implement for the Cardinals, and he was impressed with our dedication and expertise. When he transitioned to the St. Louis CITY Soccer Club, he knew he wanted to continue the sustainable practices he had seen firsthand. That’s when he brought us on board, recognizing the value we could bring to the club’s waste and recycling initiatives to get them to their Zero-Landfill status, one of only two soccer stadiums in the country with that status. Rooted in a shared commitment to environmental responsibility and creating a greener future for the community, our partnership began.


1. The Pledge

In order to stay true to their pledge, St. Louis CITY SC and Our CITY implements waste and recycling and composting programs, provided by Max-R,  engages in food rescue efforts, and practices energy conservation. Furthermore, they recognize the importance of personal environmental responsibility and strive to embrace it in their daily lives. Max-R is committed to joining St. Louis CITY SC in their broader sustainability endeavors within the community whenever possible, as we believe in collectively aspiring towards a more environmentally responsible community. Together, we can make a meaningful impact and create a greener future for all. Max-R is proud to pledge our support to St. Louis CITY SC’s pledge in their sustainability efforts within and around the stadium district




2. Our City

When St. Louis CITY SC was in their planning phase, they knew their sustainability efforts would include more than just their stadium. They were astutely committed to making St. Louis a better place for all of its citizens, in which Our CITY was born. Their mission is to be an exceptional club and neighbor and uniting the community through the power of sports, stating that environmental sustainability is everyone’s responsibility, and they intend to lead by example. Some of the incredible community work that they do consists of having 27 electric car charging stations, having over 100 bike parking spots, installing 211 Max-R recycling, composting and waste containers, spring water capture and decontamination, on-site recycling and composting collection, food rescue, low flow urinal and toilets, community green space,  using 100% LED and energy efficient lighting and control systems and zero single-use plastic within the stadium

3. Building Better Bins

When it comes to zero-waste and becoming a zero-landfill status venue, standardized waste and recycling programs are the first step in responsible environmental practices. With each year we see more initiatives come into play within the sustainability world, and one of Max-R’s goals is to make sure your bins are future-proof. Our designers are able to create bins that withstand the test of time and can adapt to the changing times and initiatives to avoid a full product replacement. One of the ways we do this is by designing bins that have interchangeable tops and headboards, allowing you to add a composting slat or change the graphics and messaging added to your headboard whenever necessary. 

We also have the unique capabilities of having designers and 3D artists on staff to create your custom bin graphics. Clear and concise graphics play a large role in standardized waste management. It shows your fans exactly where they need to dispose of each type of waste and helps avoid having staff sort through waste to make sure it is being disposed properly.



4. End of Life

From beginning to end, our bins are fully recyclable. Our bins, made of the purest grade recycled HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene), are designed to be easily recyclable at the end of their life cycle. HDPE is a highly recyclable material that can be processed and transformed into new products. Once the bins have served their purpose, they can be collected and sent to recycling facilities where they undergo a process to be repurposed. By recycling our bins, you contribute to the circular economy, reduce waste and minimize the need for virgin plastic production. It’s a sustainable solution that ensures our bins continue to have a positive environmental impact even after their initial use.



Our partnership with Our CITY and St. Louis CITY Soccer Club is rooted in a shared commitment to environmental responsibility and creating a greener future for the community. Through waste and recycling programs, composting initiatives, food rescue efforts and energy conservation practices, they actively contribute to sustainability within and around the stadium district. Both organizations also recognize the importance of personal environmental responsibility and strive to embrace in their daily lives. By joining forces in broader sustainability endeavors within the community, St. Louis CITY SC and Our CITY aspire to inspire a more environmentally responsible St. Louis region and create an incredible example on how to achieve zero-landfill status. Max-R is proud to pledge our support to St. Louis CITY SC and Our CITY.

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