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Make the Most of Sponsorship Opportunities at Sports Venues

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Our Max-R experts have worked with stadiums and arenas throughout the country. While the events and venues may change, we continually learn from our customers that there are similar talking points that every entertainment facility must understand: the fan experience, revenue generation, sustainability and branding. Our team is here to work with you to incorporate the latest trends and offer our expertise on how the best venues answer these questions.

Fan Experience

Fans are no longer attending events just to watch a game. They want to hang out, socialize and share an experience. In response to this,  venues are moving away from traditional general admission seating. Successful entertainment complexes are building themed spaces and a variety of seating experiences to create an environment that is as exciting and memorable as the event itself.

Revenue Generation

As previously stated, fans attend events to create memories and share a moment in time with friends and family. Premium spaces, VIP lounges and partner suites are becoming one of the best ways to generate new revenue while offering guests a personal experience. By customizing these spaces to reflect an aesthetic or brand, venues are able to upsell their product to attendees looking for something unique and new. Whether it’s transforming underutilized spaces with a sponsored experience, creating exclusive seating sections or improving hospitality packages, more and more entertainment companies are finding new, reliable income streams by tailoring spaces to meet this new expectation. 

Sustainability and Branding

At this point Sustainability is no longer an industry buzzword. Sustainable products and zero waste efforts are being integrated into the initial design stages all the way through operations of entertainment venues. Whether it’s recycling bins at turnstiles or fully branded waste receptacles in executive suites, the movement to reduce, reuse and recycle is at the forefront of arenas and event spaces throughout the country. Many venues are now encouraging their corporate sponsors to share in these initiatives by offering branding opportunities on recycling bins and other high traffic areas. Custom branded waste and recycling containers build name and logo recognition as well as promote a corporate partners commitment to sustainability. By syncing these efforts and aligning to the overall aesthetic, venues are creating functional and pleasing environments for their guests.

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