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Doing our part to help the planet by manufacturing bins and site furnishings made with Max-R Lumber, diverting plastics from landfills and oceans. With your help, we are on our way towards saving one billion milk jugs by 2030.

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Why Liquid Disposal

Soda, water, and other liquids not only add weight to your recycle stream, but can ruin an entire batch of recyclables and redirect them to landfill. Max-R Liquid Disposal streams prevent this and provide ease of use to end-users, encouraging them to follow and support your recycling initiatives.

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Sustainable Solutions



Ease of Service

Quickly and easily swap out units while in service. To empty, simply open the nozzle on the side of the unit into a floor drain or sink.

Eliminate Splashing

A standard splatter pad prevents fast-flowing liquids from splashing on the bin, over the side, or onto the end-user.

Choose the Right Capacity

Available in both 8-gallon and 18-gallon capacities, select the appropriate size for each location’s specific needs.

Ready to Dispose of Poor Sustainability Etiquette?

Tired of bins that just aren’t equipped to handle a 100% liquid waste stream? Are your recyclables getting dumped into a landfill from liquid contamination? We’re here to help. Our Liquid Disposal Bins can be customized to your exact needs and specifications. Reach out today for a quote of your own!

Contact or call us at 1 (855) 204-3560 to kick off your own sustainable site furnishing project.


Let's Create Your Perfect Bin!

We value progress over perfection. Whether your needs warrant a small or big step, any step towards sustainability is a step in the right direction!

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