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Compost and food waste collection not only enhances a sustainability program, it can also help mitigate the cost of wasted food and provide nourishment for an on-site garden. Whatever the reason for collection, a Max-R waste & recycling solution can be customized to incorporate compost as a collection stream and allow for ease of use on the end user.

A Double Terra Waste Bin for California Design to provide a Compost Bin
Double Terra with Color-Coordinated Panels and CalRecycle Graphics

adhering to the new mandate

California Compliant Bins

Before considering your color combinations, stream diversion, and branding, configure your receptacle for each locations’ specific requirements. Top or front load, gallon capacity, the number of streams, and top style can all be customized to meet your functional needs. 

Oxford Stream Configuration To see Bin Capacity
Triple Stream Bin Compost/Organics Diversion
make it work

Define the Scope

Make it intuitive

Identify Compost

Max-R Bin with 3 bins for Recycle, LandFill and Compost, with highlighting Identify Compost Bin
Triple Stream Bin Compost/Organics

Compost Resources

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We value progress over perfection. Whether your needs warrant a small or big step, any step towards sustainability and proper food waste collection is a step in the right direction!

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