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Innovat·R® Series

Albany Collection

The Albany Collection utilizes a slow-stay hinged top, post and panel construction, and contoured design to add a modern element to your waste & recycling efforts.

Oxford Collection

Features Max-R’s signature post and panel design and contrasting colors, the smooth panels and clean lines give the Oxford Collection an effortless, modern look akin to cabinetry that blends in where ever it is stationed.

Terra Collection

Along with the four signature elements of all Max-R collections — post and panel design, contracting colors and engraved panel design — the Terra  collection is known for its framed panel design.

Tuscany Collection

Ideal for indoor use, the Tuscany collection features Max-R’s signature post and panel design. This collection of waste and recycling bins is distinctly known for its use of our Max-R Lumber™ coupled with an Ipe Hardwood trim.

Verde Collection

The Verde Collection features Max-R’s signature post and panel design, stylized arches, and contrasting colors. A cousin of the Halston (now part of Verde’s lineup), the Verde’s signature feature is its arched panel design.

Infinity Series


The Infinity Bin Series features the classic round receptacle style and are available in a variety of gallon capacities. The slatted appearance and maintenance-free rings allow you to leave them in any environment while telling a unique sustainability story.

Inspire Series

Premier Collection

The Premier Collection is a small space waste and recycling solution ideal for offices, meeting rooms and other small spaces. Available with a variety of panel and top options, the Premier can be customized to meet any aesthetic need.

Royal Collection

The Royal Collection, although available in many materials, is recognized by its brushed aluminum panels and a stainless steel top. Available in small capacities with a hinged top and larger gallon capacities with side door access, customize the Royal Collection to your waste streams and capacity needs.

Champion Collection

The Champion Collection combines the aesthetics of the Royal Collection’s brushed aluminum top and Imperial’s solid wood base. Like the Imperial, the Champion is available in a variety of wood options and finishes.

Imperial Collection

The Imperial Collection is a high-end waste and recycling solution. Made from a solid wood base and Corian® top, this premium waste and recycling bin comes standard in a variety of gallon capacities, wood options and finishes.


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