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Max-R first partnered with Wrigley Field in 2019 to help them furnish some new renovations to their Left Field Porch. As part of their 1060 Project, the organization is committed to making investments to Wrigley Field and the surrounding neighborhood to “improve the guest experience and keep millions of Cubs fans coming back to Wrigley Field every year.”


After an initial site consultation, our design team put together a site plan with multiple branded Laguna Bar Tables and Maywood Bar Side Chairs that complimented the goal they set for the space. In addition to the outdoor furniture, we also provided coordinated Recycling Stations and Portable Bars.


Since the customized outdoor furniture was going to be located in Left Porch Field, a premium area, Max-R’s design team provided several options that incorporated the classic ivy-green of Wrigley Field with the Cubs logo to enhance the brand experience. The product mix included high boy tables and chairs, drink rails, a customized portable bar, and waste receptacles. 


Once initial concepts were approved, Max-R’s team of 3D rendering artists provided several solutions for the Chicago Cubs to review before final approval. In addition to 3D renderings of the furniture, to help visualize the products in their space Max-R created an overhead site plan. This not only helped to show the layout, it also prevented over or under ordering.

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The Results

They speak for themselves, don’t they? The upgraded Left Field Porch now provides the ultimate fan experience. Made from our signature recycled plastic lumber, the furniture is designed for year-round use, standing up to even the worst midwest rain storm. No matter how wild a game may get, clean up is easy. Spilled beer and nachos are quickly eliminated with warm water and mild soap.  

Due to the success of the space and experience it provided, additional high boy tables were added for expansion just outside of the Left Field Porch. 

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