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When the City of Austin was looking to overhaul their waste & recycle bins, they turned to Max-R to create a cohesive, durable system throughout the city. We partnered with them to replace all of their concrete, rusted steel, and mismatched containers with our maintenance-free, recycled plastic round waste & recycle stations.


After learning more about the City of Austin’s recycling program, their current waste and recycle bins, and their future needs and goals, our design team went to work putting together a comprehensive plan to address their pain points and help the City achieve its goals. 


The waste and recycle bins were to be used outdoors, so a top to prevent weather from accumulating in the liner was important. To unify the waste and recycle bins found throughout the City, matching receptacles that utilized color and slat opening IDs to identify waste streams were proposed. 


After The City of Austin approved initial concepts, Max-R’s team of designers and 3D rendering artists provided several solutions for the City to properly review before making their final decision. Different style of outdoor round waste bins were, tops, and unique customization ideas were provided.

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The Results

The City of Austin decided to move forward with Max-R’s classic riveted outdoor round bin design with a 2-way top for easy access and to prevent weather from accumulating in the liner. A slat opening ID in both English and Spanish identifies the waste streams.

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