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Helping Students Understand Staff

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Every year, the Beloit Mindset List tries to help faculty and staff relate to the mindset of the incoming 1st year college class. As a faculty or staff member, this is a terrifying list, where you realize how old you are getting. But what about the reverse? How does an incoming class understand the 30-65 year old faculty and staff around them?

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Compost Apocalypse – Is Your Facility Prepared?


With a little planning you can make a food composting program a success – and something that will be positive for everyone involved.

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Recycling at Student Orientation

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New students are coming. And when they get to campus, those first few hours, days, and weeks will be what they imprint on, and it will shape their entire college experience. If you can imprint positive recycling behaviors on them right away, those behaviors are likely to carry with them their entire time on campus. If you miss that window and they imprint on negative behaviors, you will spend the next 4 years overcoming that negative imprinting.

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Word Snippets

A Picture Says 1,000 Words, Part 2

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A bulletin board completely covered with posters. A cacophony of words and images passing by when you are already overloaded on words and images from hours of time reading textbooks, staring at a laptop or sitting in class. So how do you make your posters and promotional posters stand out? How do you make sure they are more than just white noise?

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A Picture Says 1,000 Words, Part 1

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A sign on a recycling bin trying to convey information as you walk past. Yes a picture is worth a thousand words. But what words is that picture saying? Is it conveying the information that you want people to understand?

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Funding Your Recycling Program

PlanningRecycling Topics

One of the cardinal mistakes that most people make is to assume that because you have a funding need and someone else has funding to give that you are automatically a good match. Too often, I think that presumption leads to frustration and ill will. A successful funding match needs a little more.

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Plants Growing On Coins

Funding Your Recycling Program, Part One

PlanningRecycling Topics

In my earlier “Has Your Recycling Program Evolved” posts 1 and 2, I talked about the stages that each recycling program goes through in its evolution. One of the reasons that people often get stuck in one of the earlier phases is because of the capital investment required to advance to the next phase of the operation. So how do you get the funding that you need to advance to the next phase of your program?

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Targeting Your Message

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Hopefully before reading this you have sorted out the who, what, when, where, why and how of your recycling education. Now, the best way to explain this is with some hunting references and analogies. For those of you who are opposed to hunting for food, before you start dusting off your old Ted Nugent hate mail to resend to me, and lest this content gets lost in any controversy about hunting, let’s assume I am talking about nature photography. The analogies work either way.

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Recycling PET Clamshells

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Clamshells have also been the bane of many campus environmental groups, a very visual sign of the wastes associated with grab-n-go dining, and the target of many environmental initiatives.

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