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Max-R Blog | The New Math Part 3 | Paper Stack

The New Math, Part 3

Recycling ProcessSustainabilityWaste and Recycling

I would argue that any climate action plan that omits stuff – the stuff we buy, the stuff we use, the stuff we throw away – is at best incomplete.

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Max-R Blog | The New Math, Part 2 | CO2 Carbon Footprint

The New Math, Part 2

Recycling ProcessSustainabilityWaste and Recycling

Recycling, composting and reusing materials reduces or eliminates greenhouse gas emissions at various points in the manufacturing process.

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Max-R Blog | The New Math, Part 1 | Tablet drawing of House

The New Math, Part 1

Recycling ProcessSustainabilityWaste and Recycling

Most metrics like WARM that address the lifecycle impacts of “stuff” do not include all of the ancillary impacts related to it.

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Max-R Blog | Student Move Out Day, Part 2 |

Student Move Out Day, Part 2

EducationPlanningWaste and Recycling

There are over 1,500 4-year colleges and universities across the U.S. and almost all of them have some portion of their enrollment that lives on campus and has to move out at the end of the year. When those students move out, there is a huge surge of trash that goes along with it. At more residential schools, it is not uncommon to see trash totals nearly double the month that students move out.

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Max-R Blog | Know Your Campus, Part 1 | Campus Image

Know Your Campus, Part 1


Every campus is a little bit different. Ironically, if you break a campus down into individual parts (e.g. traditional dormitory-style residence halls, apartment/suite style residence halls, faculty offices, departmental offices, cash-operations dining, dining commons, etc.), each individual part is actually pretty darn similar. But what makes each campus completely unique is the combination of parts, scale of the parts, the overall academic philosophy, and the fundamental business model of the campus. For the next few blog posts, I am planning to focus on some of the biggest differences and some fundamental changes those differences bring.

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Max-R Blog | An Open Letter to Students During Move Out | Student

An Open Letter to Students During Move Out

EducationPlanningWaste and Recycling

This is an open letter to college students, their families, and their friends all across the country. Please forward this to anyone that you know who is moving out of a residence hall in the next few months or just as importantly anyone who is going to a college or university campus to help their child, sibling or friend move out

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Max-R Blog | Planning for Student Move Out | Students Moving Out

Planning for Student Move Out

EducationPlanningWaste and Recycling

At every residential school I have ever worked with, the trash nearly doubles in May when the students move out. Way too much of that is perfectly nice stuff that is not deliberately left behind. It is left behind because it didn’t fit.

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Max-R Blog | Measuring Net Improvements | Snow Globe

Measuring Net Improvements

MetricsSustainabilityWaste and Recycling

We talk a lot in absolute terms: “zero waste,” “zero emissions.” But what do we really mean? Are we talking about net improvements, or are we merely transferring problems?

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Max-R Blog | Storage: Recycling Logistics, Part 2 | Warehouse Worker

Storage: Recycling Logistics, Part 2

LandfillLogisticsWaste and Recycling

Storing stuff, at least commercially, can be harder than you think. When you grow up with a family member that is a borderline hoarder, that can be a surprising realization. After all, if one person can store every issue of Consumer Reports since 1978 just in case they need to look up a review of something they buy at a yard/tag/garage sale (I wish I was making that part up), you would think that a campus of 10,000 could fairly easily store a trailer-load of baled paper in order to ship it to market.

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