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Can Branded Bins Augment Your CSR Efforts

Best PracticesWaste and Recycling

Branding is generally an attempt to associate your product or company with certain ideas or images to clearly differentiate it from others in the field. At its most basic, it is little different than its roots, in which ranchers would mark their animals so that they could be easily identified when roaming or grazing together, a practice that dates back to the ancient Egyptians or beyond. Eventually, that same concept was used in commerce so that when similar products from different manufacturers were shipped or sold together, each product could be clearly identified.

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Moving out of college dorms

Making the Most of Student Move Out

EducationPlanningWaste and Recycling

If you manage recycling programs at a residential campus, student move out is one of the most frantic periods of the year. If you’re new to the process, it can be overwhelming. But, regardless of whether you are still planning for move out, staring at the piles of discarded stuff accumulating as students are moving out, or have already missed your window of opportunity and are merely leaving notes for things to do better next year, focusing on the six items below will help.

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Recycling Bin Top

Restricted Access

EducationWaste and Recycling

Restrictive lids are one of if not the most effective way to reduce contamination in a recycling bin. Restrictive lids restrict the type of material that can be placed into a bin. For recycling to work, you have to segregate the materials that you want to recycle from those that you don’t.If you didn’t have a restrictive lid you would typically rely on a label on the front of your bin to identify that stream. But for bin labels to work most effectively, you need a clear line of sight and adequate time to read the label.

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Recycle Piggy Bank

Recycling Program Budget

PlanningRecycling TopicsWaste and Recycling

Successfully growing and sustaining recycling programs can sometimes depend on something as simple as where you budget recycling expenses. As budgets are being set for next fiscal year, now is the time to think about what you want accomplish next year, how you want to fund it, and perhaps most importantly, where you want to fund it.

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School Student Gathering

Recycling Education in Residence Halls, Part 2

EducationPlanningRecycling Process

Whether you have dormitories, suites, houses, on-campus apartments, or even a yurt (all of which for simplicity’s sake I will collectively refer to as residence halls), those residence halls are home for any resident students that you have on campus for the 8+ months per year that they live on campus. That means that at some point you are going to need to do recycling education in the residence halls. The question is who delivers the message? Who prepares it?

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Education in Residence Halls, Part 1

EducationPlanningRecycling Process

There are two main components to residence hall recycling education: information (the what, when and where) and promotions (the why). I have written other posts about the informational facet, including location, images, and even using things like QR codes to convey information. And I have written previously about the why.

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Coin Stacking

Improve Cost Effectiveness of Your Recycling Program, Part 2

PlanningRecycling ProcessWaste and Recycling

Rather than just looking for outside funding sources, have you looked to see whether there are ways to enhance the revenues that you receive for your recyclables to get you the extra funding that you need? What items on your wish list could you fund if you took advantage of those opportunities?

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Improve Cost Effectiveness of Your Recycling Program, Part 1

PlanningRecycling TopicsWaste and Recycling

One often overlooked opportunity is collection efficiency. Recycling does not increase the total amount of waste that you generate. Recycling takes a portion of that waste and diverts it out of the trash into another container or containers. As a result, the more you recycle, the fewer the amount of labor and financial resources you should have to dedicate to trash collection.

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When the Coast is Clear

PlanningRecycling TopicsWaste and Recycling

Now that summer attendance has dropped, do you still need the same level of trash and recycling pickup that you had in July? Have you met with your waste hauler? Do you have a plan with your waste hauler and recycling service provider to scale back on the frequency of pickup and/or size of your containers during the off season? Have you identified when the start of next season is and when you will need additional pickups again?

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