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Campus Move Out

EducationPlanningWaste and Recycling

The end of the school year is coming. With it, if you are a residential campus, comes one of the biggest waste and recycling events of the year: student move out. To help make your move out a diversion success story, here are five tips, along with links to prior blog posts, that can give you more in-depth information.

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The Benchmarking Report

MetricsWaste and Recycling

How am I doing? At some point, you have to ask yourself that question. Maybe it’s to plot a strategic direction. Maybe it is part of a benefit-cost analysis. Maybe it is to validate the efforts of those who have participated in or supported your recycling program. But, whatever the reason, at some point you have to ask yourself how you are doing. And like any question, the answer often depends on your perspective.

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Planning for Summer Construction Projects

LogisticsPlanningWaste and Recycling

If you’re a campus planner or facilities administrator, summertime dreaming often means that you are scrambling to put the finishing touches on summer construction plans. This is often the final home stretch of a particular project that has been in process for years.

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Waste Awareness Campaigns

LogisticsRecycling TopicsSustainability

The consumer psyche is complex and challenging to fully comprehend. Marketers work tirelessly to figure out ways to get people to change their spend patterns, all the while influencing people’s tastes and preferences. It’s no different when it comes to getting people to understand the magnitude of their impacts around waste.

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The Road to Achieving Zero Waste at your Next Event

OperationsPlanningWaste and Recycling

Working towards and achieving a zero waste event may seem like a daunting task. Yes, it is not an easy feat to divert all of your waste away from landfill; however there are several common strategies to working towards a zero waste goal at your next event. It is necessary to remember it is the steps along your journey, not your end product that will make your goal have a lasting effect and a legacy for future generations.

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ADA and Its Impact on Recycling

LogisticsRecycling TopicsWaste and Recycling

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you may have noticed that sometimes I don’t see things quite like other people in my field (if you are a longtime colleague of mine, you have just finished thinking “that’s an understatement” after reading the preceding sentence). One area where I often see things a little differently regards recycling regulations.

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Successful Waste Management Takes Commitment, Not Cash

PlanningSustainabilityWaste and Recycling

Recycling has come a long way since the mid 80’s when the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” slogan became the official chant of the green movement.

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Athletic Field Recycling

Best PracticesRecycling ProcessWaste and Recycling

It’s that time of year. The ball fields are ready. The players are ready. Is your recycling program?

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Defining Waste and Recycling Program Success

PlanningRecycling TopicsSustainability

As the sustainable-materials-management industry has grown since the 1980s, we have added a lot of goals, regulations and reports. And in those, we use a lot of terms. But what do we mean when we use those terms? Too often, what makes a recycling program a rousing success or a spectacular failure comes down not to efforts, investments, programs, but merely definitions.

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