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Max-R Blog | Is America's Recycling Industry Really in the "Dumps"? | Recycling Center Plant

Is America’s Recycling Industry Really in the “Dumps”?

EducationRecycling ProcessRecycling Topics

Recycling is a manufacturing process. The recyclable materials we collect are commodities and like any commodities there are ebbs and flows in supply and demand.

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Max-R Blog | Reducing Food Waste | Cafeteria Food

Reducing Food Waste


Who or what are you feeding with your dining dollars? Perhaps focusing on the answer to that question will help you meet your foodservice sustainability goals.

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Max-R Blog | How Do Your Sustainability Efforts Contribute To Student Recruitment | Max-R Bins College

How Do Your Sustainability Efforts Contribute To Student Recruitment?


Imagine you are a wide-eyed 18-year-old presented with one of the first major decisions of your life. What makes you choose one campus over another?

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Max-R Blog | Understanding "Outthrows" To Avoid Recycling Confusion | Throwing Paper in Recycling Bin |

Understanding “Outthrows” To Avoid Recycling Confusion

EducationLogisticsRecycling Topics

Have your recycling markets gotten more restrictive in recent months? Are you struggling to explain the new recycling rules to the public? The answer may be “outthrows”.

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Max-R Blog | Considerations for Contracting New Waste and Recycling | Wrench Paper Service

Considerations for Contracting New Waste & Recycling Services

LogisticsWaste and Recycling

When you contract for services, an important question is who owns your waste and recycling infrastructure? Do you expect your contractor to provide that infrastructure? Or do you own that infrastructure and provide it to your contractor to use during the term of the contract? It can become an important consideration.

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Max-R | Piecing Together an Effective Recycling System | Recycle Puzzle Piece

Piecing Together an Effective Recycling System

OperationsRecycling ProcessWaste and Recycling

A recycling program is made up of many different pieces. As you grow your program, one of the biggest challenges is making sure those pieces fit together into an effective system.

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Max-R | Campus Move Out | Students Moving Out

Campus Move Out

EducationPlanningWaste and Recycling

The end of the school year is coming. With it, if you are a residential campus, comes one of the biggest waste and recycling events of the year: student move out. To help make your move out a diversion success story, here are five tips, along with links to prior blog posts, that can give you more in-depth information.

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Max-R | The Benchmarking Report | Success Loading

The Benchmarking Report

MetricsWaste and Recycling

How am I doing? At some point, you have to ask yourself that question. Maybe it’s to plot a strategic direction. Maybe it is part of a benefit-cost analysis. Maybe it is to validate the efforts of those who have participated in or supported your recycling program. But, whatever the reason, at some point you have to ask yourself how you are doing. And like any question, the answer often depends on your perspective.

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Max-R | Planning for Summer Construction Projects | Yellow Construction Helmet

Planning for Summer Construction Projects

LogisticsPlanningWaste and Recycling

If you’re a campus planner or facilities administrator, summertime dreaming often means that you are scrambling to put the finishing touches on summer construction plans. This is often the final home stretch of a particular project that has been in process for years.

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