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Measuring Your Recycling Rate: Understanding Metrics

Best PracticesMetrics

I’m talking about the different metrics that we use to measure and contextualize our recycling data.

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Measuring Your Recycling Rate: How Do You Measure Up?

Best PracticesMetricsWaste and Recycling

“What’s your recycling rate?” That term has been so misused and misunderstood over the years that my long-time colleague Jerry Powell of Resource Recycling Magazine called for the death of recycling rates in a recent editorial.

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Improving the Economics of Your Recycling Program

Recycling ProcessWaste and Recycling

With a modicum of understanding about recycling markets, you will be able to significantly improve the economics of your recycling program.

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How On Earth Do You Reach Students?

EducationSustainabilityWaste and Recycling

I have been asked some version of that question more times that I can count by more people than I can count. But the same question is asked in many different areas of many different target audiences: residents, employees, etc.

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Surviving a Waste Audit, Part 2

OperationsPlanningWaste and Recycling

I think anyone should experience a full-blown waste sort at least once. As a learning experience, it is a real eye opener. However, I don’t think it is often necessary to determine whether or not you should target something for recycling or waste reduction efforts.

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Surviving a Waste Audit, Part 1

OperationsPlanningWaste and Recycling

Whether you are just starting out, or trying to figure out what to do next, you can’t divert stuff out of the trash if you don’t know what’s available in the trash to be diverted.

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They’re Coming. Are You Ready? Part 2

EducationSustainabilityWaste and Recycling

In part 1 of this post, I talked about how much the world has changed. I urged readers to think about their recycling programs and to update them accordingly. The question is how?

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They’re Coming. Are You Ready? Part 1

EducationSustainabilityWaste and Recycling

The class of 2015 is almost upon us (the year in which the entering 1st year class will graduate from a traditional 4-year college)

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Recycling Program Evolution, Part 2

EducationPlanningWaste and Recycling

It is this intermediate phase that seems to be the most complicated for many programs to get through. Every transition from one phase to the next takes planning and hard work. But in over 20 years of working with recycling programs, I have seen more programs get stuck in this intermediate phase of their development than any other. Some spend decades in this phase whereas others progress through it relatively quickly to get to the integrated sustainable program that they really want.

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