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recycling program evolution part 2 | max-r blog

Recycling Program Evolution, Part 2

EducationPlanningWaste and Recycling

It is this intermediate phase that seems to be the most complicated for many programs to get through. Every transition from one phase to the next takes planning and hard work. But in over 20 years of working with recycling programs, I have seen more programs get stuck in this intermediate phase of their development than any other. Some spend decades in this phase whereas others progress through it relatively quickly to get to the integrated sustainable program that they really want.

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has your recycling program evolved | max-r blog

Recycling Program Evolution, Part 1

Waste and Recycling

Every recycling program goes through 3 stages: Pilot Program, Intermediate phase, and Integrated into daily facility operations. Understanding where you are in the evolution of your recycling program is an important tool.

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how high aesthetic recycling bins help to promote your sustainability efforts | max-r blog

How High-Aesthetic Recycling Bins Help to Promote Your Sustainability Efforts

Best Practices

Because people cannot see most aspects of your sustainability program, believing your sustainability promotion takes a certain element of faith. As such, that promotion can be greatly enhanced or badly derailed by the visual cues that people do see.

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better aesthetics equal better results | max-r blog

Better Aesthetics Equal Better Results

Best PracticesWaste and Recycling

Recycling can get pretty complicated at times, but successful recycling is based on two fairly straightforward concepts:Getting as many people as possible to put the right stuff in the right bin as often as possible and getting that stuff picked up and transported to the proper manufacturing facility as efficiently as possible.

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Recycling is a Manufacturing Process

Recycling Topics

At its core, recycling is more about making our manufacturing and consumption more sustainable than it is about landfilling or waste management.

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finding the right level | max-r blog

Finding the Right Level

Best PracticesEducationWaste and Recycling

For many student-run recycling programs, or other pilot programs, we are at that point in the year where they need to start thinking about administrative support, either to continue their program next semester, or to start thinking about building support to expand the program next year. Because of that, let me take a departure from talking about measuring recycling rates and talk for a post or two about getting support for your recycling program.

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