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Process vs Recovery Part 2 – Organics

Recycling ProcessWaste and Recycling

In part one of this post, I talked about the difference between treatment and recovery.  Treatments are processes applied to a material or combination of materials.  Recovery is the type, quality and quantity of commodities that are recovered from applying that process.  That is an important distinction, especially when you hear about various treatments for managing organics.  

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Process vs Recovery Part 1 – Recycling

Recycling ProcessWaste and Recycling

Recycling used to be simple.  It was a transaction between someone who had a waste and someone who wanted that waste to manufacture a new product.  Maybe there was a collector in between, but it was generally a pretty simple transaction.

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Parallel Access

LogisticsRecycling ProcessRecycling TopicsWaste and Recycling

In my experience one of the most successful tools to achieving your goals is a methodology called parallel access.

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Where are the Farmers?


If you want to tackle the issue of composting or food waste, reach out to farmers and include them in your discussions. You might be amazed at how much more successful your efforts are.

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Evolving Ton

Recycling TopicsSustainabilityWaste and Recycling

What do you buy? Is it the same thing you bought 10 years ago? 20 years ago? Is it packaged the same way? Do you buy it from the same place? Chances are, the answer is no.

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Is America’s Recycling Industry Really in the “Dumps”?

EducationRecycling ProcessRecycling Topics

Recycling is a manufacturing process. The recyclable materials we collect are commodities and like any commodities there are ebbs and flows in supply and demand.

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Reducing Food Waste


Who or what are you feeding with your dining dollars? Perhaps focusing on the answer to that question will help you meet your foodservice sustainability goals.

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How Do Your Sustainability Efforts Contribute To Student Recruitment?


Imagine you are a wide-eyed 18-year-old presented with one of the first major decisions of your life. What makes you choose one campus over another?

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Understanding “Outthrows” To Avoid Recycling Confusion

EducationLogisticsRecycling Topics

Have your recycling markets gotten more restrictive in recent months? Are you struggling to explain the new recycling rules to the public? The answer may be “outthrows”.

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Define the Scope

The scope of your project is main objective you are looking to solve for your space and your sustainability goals. Determine where Oxford receptacles need to be placed for optimal use.

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