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Over 25 years ago, The Prestwick Companies started on a mission to build long lasting, aesthetically pleasing site furnishings, all built in the United States. With business in 10 different markets and across 65 different countries, The Prestwick Companies morphed from a company with a sustainable product into a family of brands creating a sustainable future.

Since 2000, Max-R has continued on that mission, finding new ways to innovate and change the culture of recycling. As the innovator of the customized waste and recycle bin, our in-house engineering and design team created nine signature collections, developed thousands of options and configurations, and limitless ways to customize your ideal waste and recycle bin.

Our unique designs stand out in the marketplace thanks to our four signature design features:

We took these unique designs and combined them with our experience working with our pure-grade recycled HDPE material to create maintenance free, industry leading site furnishings.

The Max-R team is dedicated to not only delivering you the best waste & recycling bins and site furnishings available, our expert sales teams have in-depth industry knowledge based on years of experience in the markets we serve helping you identify the right bin for the right waste management application to ensure the success of your sustainability program.

Breaking the Mold

beyond just the blue bin

We didn’t invent recycling. We are the innovator of the customized waste and recycle bin. After listening to our customers’ struggles to find products that met both their functional and aesthetic demands, we took their frustrations and turned them into solutions. Our in-house engineering and design team created nine signature collections, developed thousands of options and configurations, hundreds of color combinations, and limitless ways to customize your ideal waste and recycle bin.

We are the innovator of the customized waste and recycle bin.

In addition to these nine collections, we created several products to meet the unique needs of the marketplace. In 2011, we created the Roll-Out Cart Enclosure to hide necessary waste and recycle roll-out carts. We developed the E-cycler in 2010 as a way to centralize mandated e-waste collection. In 2015, we brought the Cardboard Recycler to market after listening to frustrations over how to efficiently collect used boxes.

These are just a few examples of the innovative solutions we developed to meet our customers needs. Explore our full line of waste & recycling solutions and site furnishings to see how Max-R’s innovations can transform your sustainability program.

Max-r lumber™

Powered By HDPE

Max-R Lumber™ is made from HDPE recycled plastic and is designed for maximum strength and resiliency. It is the purest grade of recycled plastic available in the industry today.

16 colors, hundreds of combinations, and fulfills credits in the Building Design and Construction category of LEED v4 rating system.

Made in Wisconsin

America's Leading Manufacturer of Recycled Plastic Lumber Site Furnishings​

Our headquarters is located in Sussex, WI. We operate out of a 250,000 sq. foot manufacturing campus powered by 100% renewable energy. With over $150 million in shipments, our 120 employees work to proudly manufacture the highest quality sustainable furnishings in the world.

All products are built in the United States of America by hard-working Wisconsinites. Every order gives us the opportunity to enrich the lives of our teammates, give back to the community, and create more jobs that bring others into our family.

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Sustainable Practices

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Closing the Loop

Because the purity of Max-R Lumber allows it to be recycled again and again, our manufacturing team purposefully collects all scrap material to be repurposed for future products.

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Locally Sourced

60% of our raw materials are sourced from within a 200-mile radius of our facility in Sussex, Wisconsin.

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Protect Resources

To promote sustainable forest management, SFI Certified paper is used in our office for order processing and administration purposes.

EPA WasteWise Endorser

As an EPA WasteWise Endorser, we promote recycling in a number of organizations and communities.

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Since 1997, Prestwick has been the trusted resource in the commercial market as a trusted resource to help them grow their business with products that elevate the customer experience.

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